Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outer devotee or Inner devotee

When it comes to devotion, we show we are more religious so that our outer image should be good in the society. Sometimes we are not devoted from inner side and from outer side peoples around us thing us religious. Sometimes help of symbols is used. There is tilak on the forehead, Turban on head, shaved head, some color of cloth to wear and many more. But impurities inside are never covered by outer symbols.
I remember one episode, I came to know and sharing with you. There was one Temple in outer side of city Fazilka in Punjab. The Saint named Sant Atma Nand living there and was ardent follower of Shree Guru Granth Sahib and always read it. He never wear turban while reading it as the follower of Sikhism do while reading Shree Guru Granth Sahib. Holy book was about 100 years old. After some years, He chanted few mantra and given the book to river.Incident came into knowledge of Sikh devotees and they gathered shouting words for saint and filed a case against him in the court. Saint was called. Sikh devotee shouted that this saint should be given punishment as he thrown our holy book to waters. Saint smiled. Lawyer asked about confirmation of throwing the book into water. Saint said, These persons are not only doing the great sin by using word throwing while I departed my Guru to water by chanting. The Guru is still alive in my heart. He challenged that you speak any lines from holy book and I will tell you on which page is it situated and meaning of it.The process started and He correctly given the page number and meaning of each line. Then He challenged the person who are shouting to do the vice versa. He recited lines from holy book without the help of book and challenged to tell the page. No body was able to make it. He told that You are respecting the Shree Guru Granth sahib from outside and its living alive in my heart. They all felt ashamed on their deeds.
So we should be a devotee from inside and outer symbols help us so that other treat us that way but inner feelings are must.

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