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Organic Farming in Anganwari Fazilka

Neki Ki Diwar by Fazilka Red Cross

Friday, March 24, 2017

Punjab’s Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal pays homage to martyrs at Hussainiwala

Announces Rs 4-crore grant for the upkeep and beautification of the memorial where Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were cremated
Written by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published:March 24, 2017 4:37 am
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State's Finance Minister Manpreet Badal pays tribute to martyrs at Hussainiwala in Ferozepur Thursday. Gurmeet Singh

Punjab's Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal Thursday visited the National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala in the border district of Ferozepur to pay tribute to martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who were cremated here on March 23, 1931.


This was Badal's first official function after taking charge as minister in the new Congress government.

The minister announced Rs 4-crore grant for the upkeep and beautification of the memorial, along with the border areas. "The state government will also be organising a state-level function to commemorate Baisakhi at Jallianwala Bagh on April 13 this year," he said. "I am aware of the problem of unemployment in this area. I had promised during my election campaign to bring industry in Punjab. We will open industrial units in border areas of Punjab to generate employment opportunities," Badal said.

Relatives of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev, who stay in Punjab, were not present at the function at Hussainiwala. Tribhubhavan Thaper, a relative of Sukhdev, told The Indian Express said, "We got an invitation for Khatkar Kalan function about 10 days back from the CM's office and hence we planned to go there. Invitation from Hussainiwala came only two days back. Though the CM did not come to Khatkar Kalan, we have given a memorandum to cabinet minister Rana Gurjit Singh who has sought 15 days to get our pending demands met."

Earlier, Fazilka SSP Ketan Patil came to Hussainiwala leading a bicycle rally 1,400 cyclists from Fazilka to pay tribute to the martyrs. Patil said it was a way of the district administration to inculcate patriotism among masses, besides giving them a message about healthy living. Local MLA Parminder Pinki was also present on the occasion apart from other Congress MLAs of Ferozepur district. Former state BJP chief Kamal Sharma, who belongs to Ferozepur city, also paid homage to martyrs.

Demand of relatives

Relatives of Sukhdev reminded Badal that the promise of Rs 1 crore grant for the upkeep of the martyer's house in Ludhiana that he made in 2007 as the then finance minister was yet to be met. The minister promised to fulfill the demand.

They also said that the UPA government had sanctioned Rs 81 lakh in 2012, of which only Rs 5 lakh had been spent on the upkeep of Sukhdev's house and asked Badal to find details about the unspent money lying with the previous state government. Ashok Thaper, a relative of Sukhdev, said, "We will meet Rana Gurjit Singh whom we submitted memorandum after a fortnight again. We have demanded from the government that a chapter be introduced in history books for all national-level martyrs."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rai Sikh support, ‘Congress wave’ helped youngest MLA

Ajay Sura| TNN | Updated: Mar 12, 2017, 09.00 AM IST
FAZILKA: Davinder Singh Ghubaya, 25, has become the youngest legislator in the Punjab state assembly by defeating his nearest rival, cabinet minister Surjit Jyani of BJP, by a thin margin of 265 votes in Fazilka constituency.

Son of SAD rebel leader and Ferozepur MP Sher Singh Ghubaya, Davinder was studying MA (economics integrated course) at Panjab University, Chandigarh, when his father managed to get a Congress ticket for him from Fazilka. The two factors that helped Ghubaya win the election are -- support from the Rai Sikh community, which comprises 52,000 of the total 1.63 lakh votes in Fazilka and the Congress wave in the state.

According to Ghubaya's birth certificate, he was born on December 13, 1991, and had become eligible to contest just before the nominations for the assembly polls were filed. After polling, he had also joined the university to complete his final semester examinations.

Youngest of four siblings, Davinder gives credit to "Guru's blessings" and the support by people, especially from his community, for the victory.

He also claimed that people had taken revenge for the SAD "ignoring and maltreating" his father. "People of the constituency knew who wanted to finish us and understood their design. Our victory is a slap on them (family detractors)," Davinder told TOI while coming out of the counting station in Fazilka on Saturday.

Davinder said apart from politics, he was interested in cricket. Before joining his supporters for a road show in Fazilka city on Saturday, Davinder said his focus would be on developing infrastructure for industries in the border area and to develop more educational institutions.

His elder brother, Ravinder, who is an IIT graduate and preparing for UPSC examinations, said Davinder was asked to contest because he had been active in the constituency for the last seven years with his father. Davinder's two sisters are graduates in law.

'Dream' of gangster Rocky's sister unfulfilled

Rajdeep Kaur, an independent candidate and sister of slain gangster-turned-politician Rocky, lost from Fazilka seat. Though she gave a tough contest to Ghubaya and Jyani in the initial rounds of counting, she finished third by the last round.

Rocky was gunned down near Solan in Himachal Pradesh in April last year. He was facing several cases in Punjab and neighbouring states at the time of his death. Rocky had contested the 2012 assembly elections and lost to BJP's Jyani by a margin of around 1,600 votes. After his death, Rajdeep, 36, had announced to contest polls to fulfil her brother's "dream". She polled 38,135 votes, while Ghubaya got 39,276 and Jyani 39,011.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tech way to make crash probe smooth ride for cops

Punjab First State In The Country To Start Road Safety Investigation Units, Says Traffic Adviser Asija

Punjab will probably become the first state in the country to introduce scientific procedures to investigate traffic accidents, replacing the obsolete ways of analyzing the accident site. The first round of `Road Crash Investigator and Road Safety Auditor Training' for traffic police personnel is on at Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Police Academy in Phillaur.

The new elements being taught in the training will help the police give a fair deal to two drivers involved in an accident, and this will rule out the general tendency to blame the bigger vehicle. The use of technology will also ensure that the survey of the accident site is completed fast, so that the area is cleared for traffic to continue flowing.

Punjab traffic adviser Navdeep Asija said Punjab was the first state in the country to start road safety crash investigation units in each district. "New features, such as use of global positioning system (GPS) for recording the exact location of the accident spot, the nature of scratch marks on the road -to establish whether the driver applied brakes and tried to steer away the vehicle -will be added.

Weather conditions at the time of the accident will also be taken into account," he said.

Apart from being helpful in investigating human error, the analysis of the accident site will also be used to make changes in road engineering and envi ronment, and also vehicle design for prevention of ac cidents. The system is likely to be launched in Ludhiana and Mohali shortly, he said. As of now, only five cities in the country -like Kolkata and Coimbatore -are using this scientific accident investigation system.

"DGP Suresh Arora and ADGP Traffic MK Tiwari were convinced about the concept and pushed it," said a Punjab police official.

Meanwhile, unlike other states like Haryana -where the state has decided to transfer almost half the funds raised from compoundable traffic challans for this fund -Punjab has limited the amount of the fund.

Some states have also charged a nominal cess on every liquor bottle sold in the state. Had these two measures been included in the plan, Punjab could have raised around Rs50 crore annually.

The training involves post-crash management, technology in traffic, vehicle safety standard, forensic evidence collection, crash investigation, and road safety audit.

The state government had already prepared its Road Safety Policy that also highlighted the need for setting up of Road Safety Research and Development Centre, along with Road Safety Laboratory, in collaboration with the state's engineering and medical colleges.

Punjab ADGP (traffic) MK Tiwari was not available for comments.

Monday, February 27, 2017

‘रिट्रीट’ में विरासत की झलक, सेना के पराक्रम की शौर्यगाथा

अमृत सचदेवा ' फाजिल्का थीम बेस्ड काफी हाउस और रेस्तरां के बारे में तो आप ने सुना ही होगा लेकिन फाजिल्का में एक ऐसा कैफे है जिसकी थीम फाजिल्का की खूबियां हैं। जी हां हम बात कर रहे हैं रिट्रीट कैफे की। यहां सरहदी इलाके के रहन-सहन की झलक, पुराने फर्नीचर व पुरातन वस्तुओं के बीच विरासत का एहसास तो होता ही है साथ ही पुराने जमाने की गूंज रही शेरो-शायरी में मगन लोग मोबाइल, इंटरनेट, वाट्सएप की दुनिया से दूर शतरंज की चाल चल के साथ कैरम की बाजी लगाते हुए जब कॉफी की चुस्कियां लेते हैं, शाही अंदाज भी नजर आता है। कैफे की एक खास बात यह है कि यहां भारत-पाक युद्ध में फाजिल्का को पाकिस्तान के कब्जे में जाने से बचाने वाले सीमा रक्षकों को समर्पित एक अलग ही कोना बनाया गया है। जहां सेना की शौर्यगाथा देखने को मिलती है। कैफे का संचालन युवा शिवांश कामरा करते हैं जो इससे पहले रूरल आर्ट के नाम से एक आर्ट गैलरी का संचालन भी कर रहे हैं। यह गैलरी भी अपने आप में अनूठी गैलरी है जहां ग्रामीण अंचल में हाथों से तैयार होने वाले विभिन्न सजावटी सामानों व दैनिक प्रयोग वाली कलात्मक वस्तुओं को एक ही छत के नीचे मुहैया करवाया गया है।

रिट्रीट सेरेमनी से प्रभावित होकर रखा रिट्रीट नाम 
शिवांश बताते हैं कि कैफे का नाम यहां बार्डर पर होने वाली रिट्रीट सेरेमनी की तर्ज पर रिट्रीट कैफे रखा है। एक कोने में आफिसर मैस बनाई गई है जहां सुरक्षा अधिकारी या शहरवासी सेना व सीमा सुरक्षा बल के शौर्य से रूबरू हो सकते हैं। यहां फाजिल्का को पाकिस्तान का हिस्सा बनने से बचाने वाले सीमा रक्षकों की बहादुरी और फाजिल्का के इतिहास से रूबरू करवाती करीब 15 पुस्तकें पढ़ने के लिए मुहैया करवाई गई हैं। एक पाकिस्तानी जनरल की लिखी फाजिल्का पर हमले के दौरान हुए टकराव और भारतीय सैनिकों द्वारा फाजिल्का को बचाने की गाथा पर लिखी पुस्तक भी है।एक बार आने के बाद एडवांस में करवा जाते हैं बुकिंगरिट्रीट कैफे में अपने खास अंदाज के कारण काफी मशहूर हो रहा है। कैफे में समय बिताने के लिए लोग हफ्तों पहले बुकिंग करवाने लगे हैं। यहां आने वाले प्रिंसिपल पंकज धमीजा, रिटायर्ड प्रो. भूपिंदर सिंह, एडवोकेट उमेश कुक्कड़ का कहना है इतिहास को संजोकर रखना बड़ी बात है। युवा वर्ग यहां आकर काफी की चुस्कियों के साथ गिटार, शतरंज व गीतों का लुत्फ उठाते हैं। नामी शायरों की शायरी समां बांध देती है। यहां परोसे जाने वाले काफी, शेक या सनेक्स आदि के दाम भी नो प्राफिट नो लॉस के आधार पर रखे गए हैं।

फाजिल्का के रिट्रीट कैफे में विरासती फर्नीचर, पाकिस्तान के कब्जे में जाने से बचाने वालों की किताबें भी

Saturday, January 21, 2017

High Court notice on plea for right to walk

Shariq Majeed| TNN | Updated: Jan 21, 2017, 09.19 AM IST

LUDHIANA: Acting on a petition filed by a traffic advisor, Punjab and Haryana high court has issued a notice to the state governments of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh, and the Government of India on making adequate provisions for enforcement of "right to walk" as a fundamental right.

In his petition, traffic advisor Navdeep Asija had sought directions for enforcement of "right to walk", while claiming that it was part of "Right to life" under Article 21 of Constitution of India. "In the last few years, number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths in Indian cities has gone up by 40%-60%. No citizen should be deprived of his/her fundamental right by removing footpaths or by just giving priority to motor vehicles," the petitioner said, while citing the deaths of cyclists and pedestrians in road accidents in Chandigarh, Mohali and Ludhiana.

The petition added that as per a report by the Union ministry of urban development report in 2010, 50-55% of the people still walked and cycled in Indian cities. "Ironically, cities of developed nations are trying hard to achieve the target of walking and cycling to make their cities sustainable. They are facing the consequences of this so-called motor revolution. The logic of the National Urban Transport Policy 2005, which was to give superior rights to the people as compared to vehicles, was not being followed," he said.

The petitioner prayed that the court should protect the rights of vulnerable road users by way of giving Constitutional protection and inclusion of their rights in the transportation policy.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fazilka road mishap: Next of kin of six victims given government jobs

In a measure to apply balm on the wounds of families of road accident victims, Punjab health minister Surjit Kumar Jiyani handed over appointment letters for government jobs to the next of kin of six victims of the Fazilka mishap on Wednesday.

Further, cases of four victims were sent to the head office for further permissions. Additionally, heirs of two victims were found to be minors. Work to provide jobs to the rest is under process.

13 persons, including 12 teachers, had died in a massive accident between a jeep and a truck on Friday, near village Chandmari on Ferozepur-Fazilka road.

The victims, including five women, were posted in Ferozepur district and had pooled in to engage the jeep for their daily commute.

The accident occurred near Chandmari village, 5km from Fazilka, on the road to Ferozepur when the jeep driver tried to overtake another vehicle in the fog. The jeep hit the truck and the impact was such that half of it went under the truck. The truck driver is absconding.

"Nothing can compensate for the death of young nation builders. Punjab government stands by the families of victims and to help them in such a crucial time, we are not only providing jobs but will also ensure that they may get posting at the nearest place to their respective houses," Jiyani said.

Meanwhile, a family of Sonu, the driver of the jeep, also demanded a job for the one of the family. A candle march was also held in this regard.

Caption: State Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jiyani, handing over the appointment letter to one of the family members in Fazilka on Wednesday.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary - Fazilka Tourism

The city of Abohar is located in the Fazilka District of Punjab towards the north-east of Sri Ganganagar city and southeast of the city of Fazilka. The Fazilka District was previously a part of the Firozpur District. The city is located close to the intersection of Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab and is also close to the international neighbour Pakistan. For this reason the city is also known as the Trinity of Culture, Civilization and Ethinicity of Punjab. Abohar is famous as one of the largest producers of cotton in the northern zone of India. The city was originally found in the 12th century by Raja Abheraj Bhatti and was named as Abhegarh and later was named as Abohar.

Close to the city is the private wildlife sanctuary, the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located about 15 Km from Abohar. The sanctuary sprawls over an area of 186.5 Km2. The sanctuary spreads over thirteen villages that are home to the Bishnoi community. A unique initiative has been started by the Bishnoi community which has shown concern and taken up the responsibility to protect the black buck deer. The black buck is the State Animal of Punjab and is considered to be sacred by the Bishnois. The community also protects the blue bull popularly known as the Neelgai. The initiative taken by the community has been successful and the number of black bucks has risen by 3000. Visitors to the sanctuary can enjoy the scene of black bucks racing in the sanctuary.

The flora in the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is classified under the tropical dry mixed deciduous forest. The sanctuary is also home to several other animals apart from the black buck and blue bull. Porcupines, wild boars and black ducks can also be spotted easily in the sanctuary. Unlike other wildlife sanctuaries that are located over public or government land, the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over private land. The Bishnois protect the animals in the sanctuary from the hunters by not allowing them to hunt in the area.

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is conveniently connected by road and is best visited during the winter months when the temperatures are favourable and visitors can enjoy the natural surroundings and see the wildlife of the sanctuary at its best. The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit for visitors who want to see the native black bucks in their natural surroundings.


The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary was originally notified as a sanctuary in 1975 and again in 2000. It is a private nature reserve located in the Fazilka District of Punjab. The sanctuary was initially established temporarily in 1975 and later in 2000 it was established as a sanctuary under the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act. The sanctuary is home to several varieties of flora and fauna indigenous to the area.


Flora: Albizia lebbeck, Acacia nilotica, Azadirachata indica, A. tortilis, Dalbergia sissoo, P juliflora, Prosopis cineraria and Melia azedarach.

Fauna: Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Porcupines, Hare, Jackal and Black Duck.

Best Time to Visit

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is best visited during the winter season from October to March. At this time the weather is nice and visitors can enjoy roaming around the sanctuary. The summer season is not recommended as the temperatures are soaring and the monsoon season receives heavy rains.

How to Reach Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary can be reached from all parts of Punjab. The sanctuary is well-connected by road and is located within easy reach of the city of Abohar. Buses, taxis and cars are available from Abohar to reach the sanctuary. Abohar is located on NH 10 and NH 15. Bhatinda is located about 77 Km from Abohar and 225 Km from Amritsar. The city is conveniently connected by bus and train to different parts of Punjab.

The city of Abohar has a railway station located about 1 Km from the city centre. The Abohar railway station is connected by broad gauge railway line on the Ganganagar-Delhi railway route. The other closest major railheads to Abohar are in Sri Ganganagar about 50 Km and Bhatinda about 77 Km from the city.

There is no airport in Abohar. The closest airports are the Raja Sansi International Airport in Amritsar and the Sahnewal Airport in Ludhiana. These airports offer good connectivity to Chandigarh and Delhi. From these airports visitors can take buses or taxis to reach the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Friday, December 9, 2016

13 schoolteachers killed in road accident near Fazilka

Praful Nagpal
Fazilka, December 9

Thirteen government school teachers, including five women, were killed in a road accident near Chandipur village, 9 km from here, on Friday morning.

They were going to their schools in a jeep. Eyewitnesses said there was a head-on collision between the jeep and a truck.

Those killed have been identified as Sanjiv Bagla (Shatirwala village near Fazilka), Shankar Lal (Fazilka), Manohar Lal (Abohar), Ram Pal (Abohar), Satinderjit Singh (Fazilka) Ashish (Faizlika), Nazam (Killianwali), Sanjeev Kumar, Bindia (Abohar), Tejinder Kaur (Fazilka), Shetal Kakkar (Fazilka), Natasha (Balluana) and Kiran Bala (Fazilka).

In all, 15 people were traveling in the jeep.

Gopi Chand, who was injured critically, was shifted to a hospital at Abohar.

The bodies of the deceased have been shifted to Civil Hospital at Fazilka. Senior officials of the district administration have reached the spot.

Among the deceased were newly appointed ETT teachers.

Following a bandh call given by the local Beopar Mandal, shops were closed in the town to show solidarity with the bereaved families. Senior leaders, including Congress MLA Sunil Jakhar, Akali MP Sher Singh Ghubaya and BJP Minister Surjit Kumar Jayani, reached the local civil hospital.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal expressed grief over the incident and condoled the deaths.

He said the loss of teachers, who chiselled young minds for the future of the nation, was "irreparable" and it had not only traumatised their families, but their students as well.

The Deputy CM and SAD chief said he and his government were with the bereaved families at this critical hour. He also advised all to use utmost caution while driving in the coming days when dense fog dominated during early and later hours of the day.

Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh and AAP state convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi also condoled the deaths. They said the incident was a sad moment.

Amarinder asked the state government to change the school timings in order to ensure that "schoolteachers, students, and other staff are not exposed to the risk of such accidents due to fog". With PTI

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No place to walk in car capital: Activist files case on behalf of pedestrians, cyclists

LUDHIANA: Ludhiana has the most four-wheelers in Punjab. The city has precisely two and a half times more cars than the national average, says Navdeep Asija, a Mohali-based traffic advisor, who was so concerned by the figures he filed a case of 'Right to walk' in Punjab and Haryana High Court. According to data compiled by Asija, a copy of which is with The Times of India, there are four cars for 100 persons in Ludhiana and Jalandhar. But Ludhiana has a higher percentage of four-wheelers at 16% with Jalandhar following closely at 15%. The number of four-wheelers per 100 persons for the state is two, or half the value for Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

As per the figures, which were compiled a few years ago, the projected estimated vehicle population for 2016 from the year 2000 is 10,29,199 for Ludhiana followed by Jalandhar at 6,46,980. But the total vehicle count per 100 people in Jalandhar is 28, followed by Ludhiana at 27.

"We compiled the data of four-wheelers because most of the public money is going to facilitate 4% of the population and nothing is left for the poor who walk or cycle. Crores are being spent on that but there's not a kilometer long footpath where people can walk. I have been fighting for the right to walk since 2010 and have filed a case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. I think no citizen should be deprived of walking. Pedestrians and cyclists are a minority community on roads and my fight is for them. The one who has less in life should have more in law", said Navdeep. After studying the MC budget, he said spending on footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists is negligible

This is corroborated by cyclists and walkers who are hardpressed for space. "Though it is good that the government is spending money on roads, they should not ignore the fact that a sizeable percentage of people in Ludhiana also walk and cycle. They should be given better facilities on roads, including footpaths and cycling tracks", said Davinder Nagi, President, Ludhiana Peddlers Club.

The traffic advisor says he wants walking to be included as a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, which would guarantee a healthy life to every citizen as walking is good for health. MC officials said this year's budget for repair and construction of roads in the city was Rs 280 crore. Of this, they said, around Rs 2 to Rs 3 crore was for repair of footpaths.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

JK Rifles honours families of Kargil war martyrs

TNN | Updated: Oct 15, 2016, 07:40 IST
Fazilka: Kin of soldiers martyred during the Kargil war of 1999 were honoured by the JK Rifles Regiment at Fazilka on Friday. Among those felicitated on the occasion included Kamla Devi, mother of Sepoy Ashok Kumar, who sacrificed his life in Operation Vijay during the Kargil conflict 17 years ago. Sepoy was the only son of Kamla, who had come from Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh for the felicitation ceremony held to mark the Golden Jubilee of JK Rifles. Speaking on the occasion, she said: "The mere sight of a soldier reminds me of my son in olive green who died young fighting for the nation. This honour brought back memories of the day he died."
While recollecting her memories, Neena Singh, wife of Sepoy Sandhur Singh, said their elder daughter Dipika was just two years old, while the other daughter Yashika was just one month old when her husband sacrificed his life for the nation. "It was a very tough time, but at the same time, I feel proud to be the wife of a martyr. The government supported us at that critical time, and now both my daughters are pursuing higher studies," said Neena, who had come to attend the celebration with her two daughters.
Another Veer Naari (war widow), Lata Bhardwaj, wife of Sepoy Gian Chand from Bilaspur in HP, said though she lost her man, such honour ceremonies reminded her of the supreme sacrifice made by her husband. "My world had come crashing down the day we received the news of my husband's martyrdom. But I have decided to send my only son Vivek to the army. It has to be a family legacy, and my son will carry it forward," she added. Like Lata, there were many other war widows who expressed their desire to send their children to the army, as second generation soldiers. Anju Lata, widow of Sepoy Veer Singh from Kangra in Himachal, also expressed her wish to send her daughter Mansi to serve the Indian Army.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Focus and celebrate your commitment & results will come: Isha Kalia DC Fazilka

DC Isha Kalia proves it again

Focus and celebrate your commitment & results will come: Isha Kalia DC Fazilka

Dedication to work is her first and foremost priority

By : Amrit Pal Singh Brar
First Published : Tuesday, Oct 04, 2016 08:25 PM
Updated : Tuesday, Oct 04, 2016 09:12 PM
  • Fazilika: 4 October, 2016: Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when things are tough. This is what a young lady IAS officer, Isha Kalia is made off. Dedication to work is her first and foremost priority. Her smiling face, her hope to do things and devotion works as a magic wand.

    Isha Kalia have proved it, the way she had handled the relief camps in Fazilka, it's a remarkable work. She has won the hearts of the people.

    It was the afternoon of the 29th September, when she received orders from the state government to set up relief camps for people who are going to be evacuated from the border villages. A decision was taken by the state government to immediately evacuate the villagers from the 10 km deep area near the Indo-Pak border.  

    (Isha Kalia interacting with a woman at relief camp)

    Time has come for action, process and carrying out a duty towards the nation. Following the orders, Isha Kalia convenes an "urgent situation" meeting of her team, ADC Charandev Mann, SDM Subash Khatak and all her district heads. The issue was to set up relief camps and side by side to motivate the villagers for evacuation. Within six hours the entire set up was given a practical shape and by midnight 22 relief camps came into being.  

    Same day, Isha Kalia started her mission to visit each relief camp personally and by late night, she covered all the camps. "Never seen such a bureaucrat filled up with devotion & humane approach. My head bows before her commitment towards duty" said one of her team member, who accompanied her.

    (Food being served in the camp)

    Now more than 4000 (four thousand) people are in the 16 operational relief camps. Day to day requirements of the evacuees are being looked after by the teams set up for this purpose. One officer has been made in charge of four villages. Whattsapp group has been created to monitor the relief work. CCTV cameras have been installed for surveillance. Sanitation teams, medical teams, cleaning teams and cooking teams are working round the clock. Fogging is being done in all camps, mosquito coils, soaps for washing & bathing are being provided for peoples comfort. Isha Kalia herself visits almost all the camps daily to get feedback and improve the things. team visited the camps and met Isha Kalia to know the status of the camps. Isha Kalia said "Initially, we have setup 22 relief centres, at present 16 centres are operational. People did not turn in rest of the centres".

    Isha further disclosed 'We have also arranged schools and anganwadis at the camps. A movie is screened on every evening in the camps for entertainment". From today, I have started holding "Nari Choupal" also from camp at Churiwala Dhanna. I go and speak to kids & ladies regarding general issues added Isha Kalia.

    Isha Kalia further said "We are monitoring the status of the relief camps and the requirements needed there on a whattasapp group, besides holding meetings. I am personally visiting the camps on daily basis. My district officers are working with zeal and taken it as mission". Focus and celebrate your commitment & results will come says Isha Kalia. (

    (Medical team on work in the camp)