Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fazilka – a border town full of eye donors, Surjit Singh Madan becomes 400th eye donor today

Ferozepur, June 29, 2018:  Realizing the importance of organ donation, majoring of the residents of border town Fazilka, has pledged to donate their eyes after death.  Today, Surjit Singh Madan, has become 400th Eye Donor in Fazilka through Social Welfare Society – a known social organization of the area, started three decades back and since 11 years involved in Eye Donation Campaign.

Eye donation is an act of donating one's eyes after his/her death. Only corneal blinds can be benefitted through this process, not other Blinds. It is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. It is done after death.

Speaking to media persons, Shashi Kant a senior member of SWC, Fazilka said, the eye donation has picked up the momentum in Fazilka with the sincere efforts of the society members to motivate the families in the event of any death.

He said, Surjit Singh Madan son of Nanak Chand Madan, the resident of Gandhi Nagar, Mehtab Ganj Road Fazilka,  has become the 400th  eye donor in Fazilka.

Sudesh Rani, daughters Arvinder Madan and Ritu Madan and son Harinder Madan contacted Dr.Manohar Lal Sukhija for eye donation on the death of Surjit Singh Madan.   With the help of society members – Shashi Kant, Project Chairman, Ravi Juneja, Sandeep Aneja, Secretary, Sudhir Kalra, Rakesh Gilhotra, Avineesh Sachdeva the donated eyes were preserved safely.

With the help of Mata Kartar Kaur International Eye Bank team, 800 persons have been transplanted the eyes successfully to see the colourful world around us.

Shashi Kant President and Sandeep Aneja, Secretary said, irrespective of any age, the eye of any dead person can be collected by the expert team of the hospital within six hours and transplanted to the needy persons. Even the eyes of the dead persons, who has earlier been operated can also be donated for extraction of the cornea for transplantation.

On behalf of the society, he also appealed to the society to make it a tradition to donate their eyes after death to give light to someone.  The process of extracting the cornea and transplanting is done free of charges at Sirsa based Eye Hospital.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Nari choupals in border district of Fazilka to involve women in implementing govt schemes

BATHINDA: Aiming to make women open up to share their problems and thoughts for the betterment of society, the Fazilka district administration on Thursday started the concept of 'nari choupals' in the villages bordering Pakistan. Parts of Fazilka district are situated near the international border. The concept of choupals was started from village Puran Patti. It is also intended to involve women in government schemes and programmes especially Tandrust Punjab and drug abuse prevention officer(DAPO).

Fazilka Deputy Commissioner Isha Kalia said that "the choupals or camps shall include interaction with women about their problems and health check ups as women from border villages do not come to district or sub divisional officers mainly DC or SDM and largely only their male members visit offices. Organising choupals is an effort to reach out to them and also to find out about people who are genuinely under distress in villages".

Such camps will be organised any day in a week to understand problems of women and give them an opportunity to open up and share their thoughts, said the Deputy Commissioner.