Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sukhbir asks admn to complete girdawari fast

The Punjab government has requested Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) to regulate the discharge in the Sutlej river so that further escalation of floods in this area could be checked. Deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said this during a tour of the flood-affected villages of Fazilka and Jalalabad areas on Thursday.

Addressing the flood affected people after conducting the survey of 26 affected villages of this area, Sukhbir said that they had also requested the BBMB to warn in advance before release of water so that people could be evacuated to safety.

Asking the local administration to draw up a comprehensive plan for flood-affected villages, Sukhbir said that each village would have one nodal officer, who would coordinate the relief operations, distribution of compensation, besides providing medical aid to the ailing.

It would be the sole responsibility of the nodal officer to look after the needs of flood-affected village allocated to him/her, he said.

He also sought the expeditious completion of girdawari (estimation of loss) once the water recedes so that timely compensation could be provided to the affected.  He also issued instructions to assess the loss to property, livestock and human lives (if any).

Asking officials to ensure adequate supply of fodder, Badal asked the doctors to vaccinate the livestock. He also asked the health department to organise camps to provide immediate medical relief to the flood affected population.

Didn't want Punjab to cede Abohar-Fazilka to Haryana: Barnala

BARNALA: Failure of the implementation of Rajiv-Longowal accord is still haunting Akali leadership after 28 years. Surjit Singh Barnala, who was the Punjab chief minister at that time, said he didn't resign to force the Union government to implement the accord as he didn't want the areas of Abohar and Fazilka to be given to Haryana in return for Chandigarh being made the capital of Punjab.

Barnala had accompanied Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, the then president of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), to sign the accord with late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on July 24, 1985. The octogenarian is often accused of not resigning from the post of CM, in reaction to the accord not being implemented, for his lust for power.

Clearing the air over his decision, Barnala told TOI on Saturday, "I was not hungry for power; rather I wanted to save the Punjabi-speaking areas of the state from being transferred to Haryana. The then Haryana CM Bhajan Lal was making efforts to get Abohar-Fazilka belt to be transferred to Haryana. The Bishnois and other people from Haryana were sent to Abohar and Fazilka to join their relatives to make it appear like a majority Hindi-speaking area."

Third front deliberations on Longowal's death anniversary

Not too enthusiastic about joining hands with the Congress, former Punjab CM Surjit Singh Barnala said the Sanjha Morcha will explore the options of forming a third front on Sunday during the 28th death anniversary event being organized by his party SAD (Longowal). "Janta Dal (United) chief Sharad Yadav, former Assam CM Prafulla Mahanata, senior leaders of CPI and CPI (M), and PPP chief Manpreet Singh Badal will come to Longowal. A strategy could be devised to proceed further on the making of a third alternative in Punjab," he stated.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Swollen Satluj inundates border fencing, BSF posts in Ferozepur, Fazilka

FEROZEPUR: Water knows no geographic boundaries. This has been proved right with water overflowing from gushing Sutlej spreading across miles of land across the barbed fencing, erected at the international border in Ferozepur and Fazilka districts.

Flooding of border villages, situated along the Satluj embankment area, has damaged barbed fencing along the Indo-Pak border at several points. In certain pockets, floodwaters made the Indo-Pak zero line disappear in the Fazilka district, sources said.

Though the wire fencing has not suffered much damage in a large area along the border, sources said there were certain pockets, where it had suffered irrevocable damage and would need replacement. Nearly 10 border observation posts (BOPs) along the border have been surrounded by floodwaters while their bases have been submerged. These included BOPs at Pattan Wali, Bachiter, GG 3, GG2, MF Wala, Bahadur Ke and Samaske in Fazilka sector and Tapu, New Mohammadiwala and New Gazniwala in Ferozepur sector, they said.

Besides, nearly 80% area around the barbed wire fencing has been submerged and partially damaged in the two districts. At some places, nearly 12-feet high barbed fencing has been fully submerged. "Floodwaters have affected barbed fencing in a 30-km stretch at the border falling in Fazilka sector while in Ferozepur sector, nearly 10 km of fencing has been inundated," sources said.

In Fazilka, Pakistani authorities have shut the gates of Sulemanki head works resulting in backflow of Sutlej waters near Sadiqi joint check post. This has led to submerging of the meeting hall on the Pakistani side, where flag meetings between officials of the two nations are held.

Sources said that in order to thwart any intrusion bid through the damaged fencing and swollen Sutlej river, the BSF has deployed its water wing to conduct round-the-clock patrolling in the river, running along the border, in the two districts. The wing comprises motorized fiber boats, loaded with floodlight system, weapons and other necessary equipment needed for patrolling.

Meanwhile, the headquarters of BSF, Punjab frontier, has increased the number of personnel in these border districts. "Boat nakas have been set up at strategic points. More temporary observation posts have also been set up to check intrusion as the water has spread to some fields along the international border," a BSF official said, requesting anonymity.

R P S Jaswal, DIG and senior PRO, Punjab Frontier, said the water wing had been doing an arduous but commendable job, safeguarding the border. In times of floods, boat nakas cannot be put up but boat patrolling continues, he said, adding that the water wing has been trained specifically to meet all types of challenges during floods.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ਮੇਰੇ ਰਿਕਸ਼ੇ ਤੇ ਬੇਠਿਆਂ, ਨਾ ਭੁਲਾਈਆਂ ਜਾ ਸਕਣ ਵਾਲੀਆਂ ਕੁਝ ਸਵਾਰੀਆਂ - Experience of Rickshaw Pilot from Amritsar

What a wonderful Start of the Day 

Today i met Mr Rajbir Singh, a a multifaceted rickshaw pilot from Amritsar, who is also a wonderful writer as well. He writes on various social issues. Three years back he started writing and publishing his conversation with his passengers in series . Very interesting experiences, few unforgettable moments and bond of love he shared with his passengers. True depiction how our society think about rickshaw. He starts his day with Gurbani and continue his journey in the narrow streets of walled city Amritsar...A very learned man additionally he offer his free services as Tourist Guide. All thanks to Zee Punjabi TV for facilitating this meeting. Sharing with you the copy of eighth episode of series "ਮੇਰੇ ਰਿਕਸ਼ੇ ਤੇ ਬੇਠਿਆਂ, ਨਾ ਭੁਲਾਈਆਂ ਜਾ ਸਕਣ ਵਾਲੀਆਂ ਕੁਝ ਸਵਾਰੀਆਂ " published in Rojana Spokesman on 4th August 2013. 

I am sure you would love reading it time and again.....

Will share with you couple of other episodes also.
Online You can see at :

Monday, August 19, 2013

Independence vs. Dollar and “We the Indian”

Today, we all are worried about Price of Dollar vs. Rupees, but as a matter of fact, we are indirectly or directly responsible for it. Do you think, it's the American Economy which is booming, No, but our economy which is going down. Let me explain it here, just have a look at the Fortune 500 list of 2013, out of Top 10, 8 companies are either Oil or Car Manufacturer. This is as per their "New World Order" Plan. We all know, oil transactions are in dollars. In the recent past, our imports have increased up to 140% and our export are limited to just 30-40%. Major part of the import is oil and cars other energy needs. This is how some of the fancy economist fucked up to the name of "Globalization". Now, every Indian actually can contribute to set it right.  How?
Second Graph indicating that how cycling and walking trips have gone down, against the car occupant trips from the year 1998 to 2005 (Ian Roberts, 2011). Our policy makers, planners, engineers are actually working day and night to boost or support car centric development by making policies/infrastructure in order to support only motor transport. Our cities are expanding, we are forced to travel more and we call it as "Improved Mobility". They have totally changed our cities design from "Human Scale" to "Car Scale". As a result, our dependency on car and oil has increased in the recent Past like anything. The illusions, which we call it as development, 'globalization' or any other fancy name, is actually meant to kill us as well our country.  Valuation of our Rupees is in terms of gold but US currency is just a white paper. They can print as many as anyone needs to Purchase Oil, because long back they had an agreement with Gulf to sell petrol in Dollars only. You can do Google on "Derivative Trading" to understand it in a better way. So, I request my fellow Indians for the better financial health of our country and sustainability of this planet, Undo this "New World Order"; reduce our daily car usage/oil , use it wisely, start living in a neighborhood which provides you better access to Public Transport or not in a area, where  cars are parked on the footpaths. 
Let's Walk and Cycle…

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Living on the Edge... School Chale Hum...Mohar Jamsher Village School Flooded

School Children of Mohar Jamsher. Mohar Jamsher is Last Indian village on India Pakistan Border. Their School is flooded with water and now they are moving to some other place for Classes./Home. Hats of to the Students and Teachers of this School. We must learn lesson of Unity and Discipline from these Kids... 

Every year during monsoon they have to shift their school, celebrating 67 years of Freedom..every years few crores are being spent under emergency flood protection is a story...(Few dams which are protecting cities, were made during British Time, Post Independence only repair)..

No matter what, we have dedicated teachers like Savikar ; you have won the heart of many of Us. Trust me, country needs dedicated Teachers like you....

"We The People" - Independence Day Celebration at Sadqui Border Fazilka

Independence Day Celebration at #Fazilka border. The Wire in front define India-Pakistan Border, the #Radcliffe line. The crowd gathered here giving us a very loud and clear message . Dear Politicians of both the sides, you are failed to represent and act upon the true sentiments of the people living across both the sides. We understand only one language and that is "Love". Improve people to people contact, Peace would be there. Be careful uncle Sam may not like this solution.


Picture : Sarhad Kesri
 — in Fazilka, Punjab.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aslam and Shiv : A Story of Love - Chandigarh Ecocabs

आज़ादी के शुभ दिवस पर आईए मिलिए हमारे दो हिन्दुस्तानी भाइयो से, असलम और शिव, पिछले बीस सालो से चंडीगढ़ के सेक्टर 18 C में रिक्शा चला रहे है, इकठे रहते है, इकठे खाते है, बारी से हर रोज एक दूसरे के लिए खाना बनाते है । एक ही गाँव से है और यहाँ भी एक दूसरे के सुख दुःख के साथी । इनका मजहब सिर्फ प्यार और इंसानियत , मेहनत करते है अपने और अपने परिवार की रोजी रोटी के लिए । इन दोनों की महबूबा भी एक हे है, हमारा प्यारा "रिक्शा" । चलिए और कुछ नहीं तो इन्ही से एक अच्छे देशवासी बन के कैसे रहना है सीख ले, देश प्रेम के साथ धर्मी माँ से भी प्यार । शाम की खाने के महफ़िल में कभी जा के देखिये, सीवाए प्यार के कुछ और देखने को नहीं मिले । हमें गर्व ज्यादा कुछ तो नहीं लिए साहिर लुधियानवी जी की लिखी चंद लाइने आपके नाम;

तू हिन्दु बनेगा ना मुसलमान बनेगा
इन्सान की औलाद है इन्सान बनेगा ।

नफरत जो सिखाये वो धरम तेरा नहीं है
इन्सा को जो रौंदे वो कदम तेरा नहीं है
कुरआन न हो जिसमे वो मंदिर नहीं तेरा
गीता न हो जिसमे वो हरम तेरा नहीं है
तू अम्न का और सुलह का अरमान बनेगा ।
ये दीन के ताजिर ये वतन बेचने वाले
इंसानों की लाशों के कफ़न बेचने वाले
ये महलों में बैठे हुए ये कातिल ये लुटेरे
काँटों के एवज़ रूह ए चमन बेचने वाले
तू इनके लिये मौत का ऐलान बनेगा ।

Chandigarh Ecocabs

Happy Independence Day : तू हिन्दू बनेगा न मुसलमान बनेगा

तू हिन्दु बनेगा ना मुसलमान बनेगा 
इन्सान की औलाद है इन्सान बनेगा  ।
अच्छा है अभी तक तेरा कुछ नाम नहीं है
तुझको किसी मजहब से कोई काम नहीं है
जिस इल्म ने इंसान को तकसीम किया है
उस इल्म का तुझ पर कोई इलज़ाम नहीं है
तू बदले हुए वक्त की पहचान बनेगा ।
मालिक ने हर इंसान को इंसान बनाया 
हमने उसे हिन्दू या मुसलमान बनाया
 कुदरत ने तो बख्शी थी एक ही धरती 
हमने कहीं भारत कहीं इरान  बनाया
जो तोड़ दे हर बांध वो तूफ़ान बनेगा ।

नफरत जो सिखाये वो धरम तेरा नहीं है
इन्सां को जो रौंदे वो कदम तेरा नहीं है
कुरआन न हो जिसमे वो मंदिर नहीं तेरा
गीता न हो जिसमे वो हरम तेरा नहीं है  
तू अम्न का और सुलह का अरमान बनेगा ।
ये दीन के ताजिर ये वतन बेचने वाले
इंसानों की लाशों के कफ़न बेचने वाले
ये महलों में बैठे हुए ये कातिल ये लुटेरे
काँटों के एवज़ रूह ए चमन बेचने वाले 
तू इनके लिये मौत का ऐलान बनेगा  ।

 (धूल का फूल-1959)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Green rickshaw ride a phone call away

Upgrade to the new cycle rickshaw. It is lighter, faster, bright green (in colour and benefits), has safety belts, low-floor footboard, FM radio and also the day's newspaper.

And this fancy rickshaw ride is just a phone call away. Radio cabs have been around for long, but now Ecocabs—a new initiative by an urban mobility expert Navdeep Asija—will provide dial-a-cycle-rickshaw service in Chandigarh.

Ecocabs seek to draw on the existing unorganised network of cycle rickshaws, which are the most preferred mode of short-distance travel in most cities across the country. The phone numbers of Ecocabs rickshaw pullers are available on the Ecocabs website ( and there is an Android app available as well (Chandigarh ECOCABS on Google Play Store).

"Rickshaws are the most eco-friendly and economical mode of transport and in a world beset by environment degradation and pollution, they provide much-needed respite," says Navdeep Asija, founder president of Ecocabs.

Asija says around 25,000 rickshaws transport close to 5 lakh people in Chandigarh itself, thereby saving 75,000 litres of fuel.

The Ecocab rick is no ordinary cycle rickshaw. It doesn't use any wood and is made of hollow steel pipes, unlike conventional cycle rickshaws. Since it weighs only 65-70kg, (the traditional models weigh 90-95kg) it is easier to negotiate for the rickshaw operator as well. 

And then there are the fancy add-ons. Apart from an FM radio, each rickshaw has tourist information booklets and also a newspaper. The rickshaws have been designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the passengers and the rickshaw pullers, says Asija, who is also pursuing a PhD in transport systems from Delhi University.

Asija also pioneered Rickshaw Tourism in Patiala through his Patiala Green Cabs in association with Punjab Tourism. Under this model, rickshaw operators are trained as tourist guides who also escort tourists to popular spots in the city. Asija plans to replicate this model in Chandigarh as well.

"Non-motorized transport such as rickshaws have a great role to play in urban mobility, especially in a city like Chandigarh. We would welcome and support even more advancements in the rickshaw technology, such as solar-powered rickshaws and electric rickshaws," says K K Sharma, adviser to the Chandigarh Administration.

Asija started a dial-a-rickshaw service in Fazilka using traditional cycle rickshaws in 2008. "I hit upon the idea back in June 2008. My mother had to go to the market one day, but there was no one at home to take her out," he says.

"So she cancelled the plan. In the evening, when I got home she asked me to get her the phone number of some local rickshaw puller so that she can step out whenever she wants to. And I thought dial-a-rickshaw service would be a fantastic idea and a boon for all mothers who were dependent on other family members for mobility," says Asija.

The young entrepreneur, who has a degree in transport engineering, then did a basic survey and found Fazilka already had a network of formal and informal rickshaw stands. He then decided to connect them via phone and a network of call centres.

A similar survey was conducted when he started Ecocabs in Chandigarh. "I divided Fazilka into five zones mainly north south, east, west and central. Then with the proposal, I met the founder and patron of our organisation Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka. He like my idea and decided to take it up further," says Asija.

In 2011, Graduates Welfare Association, Fazilka, received the National Award for Excellence in Urban Transport for improving urban mobility in the town through the dial-a-rickshaw service.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court took suo motu cognizance of the scheme and ordered its implementation across the region.

At present the scheme has been successfully initiated in 22 cities of Punjab with the help of district administration and local NGOs.

There are 9 Ecocab call centers in Fazilka where a user can call for a rickshaw. Each rickshaw puller is equipped with a mobile phone for direct calling facility and the bookings can also be made through its Android phone app.

In Chandigarh—where Ecocabs was launched on June 25, 2013—however, there are no call centers. Mobile numbers of rickshaw pullers sector-wise (Chandigarh is divided into sectors) have been uploaded on the Ecocabs website.

 Close to 60 lakh people travel by cycle rickshaws in Punjab. The ubiquitous cycle rickshaw is the source of livelihood for some 3 lakh families in the state. The Ecocabs project is also one of the biggest employment generating and environment project in the city.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friendship Day ?

यह कार्ड बेचने वाली और मोबाइल कंपनियो ने माँ, बाप के बाद अब दोस्ती जैसे पवित्र रिश्ते का भी व्यापारीकरण कर दिया है । भाई मेरे दोस्त तो जिंदगी भर के लिए है, एक-आध दिन उनके नाम पर सेलिब्रेट करना शायद मेरे दोस्तों और दोस्ती की तौहीन होगी । मेरे लिये तो साल के 365 दिन भी मेरे यारों के लिये कम है । सभी ने कुछ न कुछ लिखा है तो मेरी तरफ से भी यह चोरी की चार लाइने मेरे कमीने यारो के नाम .. 

यकीन पे यकीन दिलाते हैं दोस्त;
राह चलते को बेवकूफ बनाते हैं दोस्त;
शरबत बोल के दारू पिलाते हैं दोस्त;
पर कुछ भी कहो साले बहुत याद आते हैं दोस्त!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Need to install crash barriers, say experts

Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service
Ludhiana, August 2

The registration of a case against the bus driver has not gone down well with road safety experts. They have also demanded installation of crash barriers on all bridges in the state.

An expert, Navdeep Asija, said, "The driver alone was not at fault. Our roads are designed with zero tolerance to human error. One mistake and drivers as well as passengers end up facing a life-threatening situation."

About the construction of the particular stretch on which the accident occurred, Asija said, "The width of the road is enough but the bridges are narrow. No warning sign or reflective tapes are present on the bridge parapet or on its railing."

Moreover, a majority of the old bridges on canals and rivers in the state had iron railing, which should be replaced with crash barriers, he said. Another expert, currently working with the state government, said in the absence of reflectors, a driver may not be able to see the railing while driving at night.

"While the police was quick to register a case against the driver, who may have died, it did not take any action against the construction company for failing to install crash barriers," he said.

Fatehgarh Sahib Senior Superintendent of Police Gurmeet Singh said, "If found at fault, action will be initiated against the construction firm as well."