Saturday, June 2, 2007

More Green cover for Fazilka

Dear Fazilites,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that, with the initiation of our young and dynamic worthy Sub Divisional Magistrate Mr Rajiv Prashar, soon Fazilka is going to have another one acre area of Green Zone near railway crossing towards Badha Lake. Presently this area is creating foul smell because of the collection of sewage disposal for the residents of Jhule Lal colony and civil lines Fazilka. Within a three days time he made this possible with the help of ministry of railways and forest department of Punjab. For this noble cause, Mr Vikram Ahuja, a progressive farmer from our region has extended his free services for the requirement of manpower and machinery to construct this Green Zone.
To maintain the ecological balance we need minimum of 33% green belt cover whilst Fazilka's greenbelt has already reduced to less than 2%. When GWAF team met Mr Prashar and highlighted this Fazilka region's major environmental problem, he took this on a priority and within almost no-time; Mr Prashar organized this for us. We, the citizen's of Fazilka salute our SDM for making this possible within shortest possible time. He has added a new chapter to the history of Fazilka town.

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