Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Short Movie on Fazilka : "Ek Bangla Bane Nyaraa"

Posting here the link of my first short movie about our very own city "FAZILKA". Title of this movie is "एक बंगला बने न्यारा" (Ek Bangla Bane Nyara). In this movie I have tried to highlight different phases of beauty and style our city . I am sure you people will appreciate my first attempt. My aim behind this short movie is to keep the spirit of being Fazilite always high and especially for the Fazilite who are living away from Fazilka. So Fazilites, enjoy the movie; duration of this short movie is 9:45 minutes. This is fist cut and I need to add more details about souvenir of our city like our Tosha, Vange, and Tilla Jutti., Vaan and Mureh followed by problems of our city. Your comments are invited on this; please spare your time to watch this. Remember, keep the speaker on while watching, enjoy the backgroud music:-)

URL of Movie at Youtube is
Graphic Design of the Movies is by Fazilite Gaurav Chopra
Digital Support and Screenplay : Fazilite Falak Angi, Studio Falak, Fazilka

Let the world should know what Fazilites are


Proud Fazilite

Navdeep Asija

PS : Your valuable comments and review are very important to make it better. Pls dont mind spelling mistake at 2-3 places

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