Friday, December 19, 2008

You know you are in Fazilka when.........

Sharing some of the unique qualities of hopeful and god-fearing people of this beautiful city Fazilka…

1. Instead of Saturday night fever, you will find people are more excited about Tuesday night…that’s the day when glorified crowd of Fazilka can be seen is various temples across the city.

2. Common dialogue by each shopkeeper/seller is bao ji aaoo cha piayee

3. One member of Each family living in Mulkana Mohalla is into teaching profession

4. Where BEd and JBT are more popular than any other profession

5. Where youth in the evening heading towards “geri route” i.e. gowshalla road on his/her bike

6. Where ‘notes’ are more popular than text books and studying in schools during their 10+1 and 10+2 classes is an outdated fashion especially amongst science students.

7. Where most of the teachers are more popular for tuitions than their regular teaching in schools.

8. A place where in only college in the region first year Bachelor of Arts class strength exceeds 1800 student.

9. Whenever you go out for shopping, you will find “famous clock tower building” on your way

10. City with 137 temples but without a single temple of higher education

11. Wearing Adidas/Nike shoes with white kamij pajama is a style statement of Fazilites. Anyone roaming with this dress in Sector -17 Chandigarh is must deal that he is from Fazilka.

12. Speaking in English would brand you as “Fukra” or “aive hava marda”

13. Where only two, Paras and K.D.Verma Tailor stitched clothes for most of the females in the city.

14. Abohar is most preferred destination after Chandigarh, to buy first denim wear by most of the youngsters than Fazilka.

15. Where most of the people prefer to invest in Post Office than Bank

16. Where “Chana Soup” is more popular than any other soup.

17. Only place to date with your counterpart is either “Kataria or Jagdamba Café” or go to Abohar in Bus.

18. Where most of the people prefer to develop links with Indian Army/BSF people to get advantage of CSD Canteen.

19. Place where all “Astha or Jagran TV Channel” celebrities love to visit frequently.

20. A place where studying of their children in Chandigarh is a status symbol, no matter what course his/her child is doing.

21. A place where in cinema halls, popcorns are being sell in balcony/hall with new name “Popneee”.

22. Hero Panther moped is an official bike for commuting over here, recently it has been replaced by Honda Activa.

23. A place where local “Tania Beauty Parlor” can beat the popularity of Shehnaaz Husain or Vandana Luthra.

24. A place where, Bansi De Pakode, Des de kachori, badri de gol gappe, Sharma ji de dahi bhalle near clock tower, roshan de tikki, bansal de chole bhature, jaggi de dal makhni, daulat de kulfi & kesar milk, PNB street wale chole kulche and sanwaria da soup are more popular than any famous processed food giant Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Pizzahut or Subway products.

..................................................................Navdeep Asija, 2008

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