Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anand Utsav-Environment Festival of Fazilka-Invitation

Dear All,

As you are aware that in the due course of time greedy deeds of mankind damaged maximum to our environment. Fazilka also lost its many valuable environmental assets, like Badha Lake, Green Belt, Parts, Water bodies etc.Fazilka Urban area is 10.28 Sqkm and its green belt is less than 0.2%. Natural recharging of ground water has already stopped due to construction and drying up of Badha Lake. To Revive the same, we have taken up the initiative to improve further our green belt followed by Badha Lake revivial.

To make environment as mandatory duty for all the god fearing and hopeful citizens of fazilka, we are going to organise our first Environment Festival-Anand Utsav. First year we are celebrating it in the Nai Abadi, Dhingra Colony and Teacher Colony area. We are also going to convert our Sadhu Asharam road as first Green road of the city with lots of trees and enough space for cycling and walking. During this festival, we have target to plant not many trees but few, which we can take care to grow them further. Our idea is not to make this as symbolic event, but a event which will set a another milestone in this history of this beautiful city.

Complete festival details are available on our website www.fazilkafestival.org. During this festival, you can actually see the feel of original rural Fazilka, where ladies during evening time cook their meal on newly constructed SANJHA CHULLAH followed by display of Phulkari and embroidery work. Pottery, folk dances, rural sports competitions like Gulli Danda, Kho-Kho and many more to follow. So, please book you slot on 8 and 9th of August 2009. Visit fazilka to feel the warmth of the Fazilite share with each other and their common concern fo the environment. 

We looking forward to see all of you there


Navdeep Asija

PS : Inauguration on 8th August, 2009 at Sadhu Asharam Road at 6 AM with tree plantation. Anyone who cannot come but would like to plant tree, please let us know, we will do the same on your behalf. Come forward to dedicate one tree to your loved ones. for more details, you can write to me or call us on given numbers

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