Sunday, October 25, 2009

BADHA CAMPAIGN-Fazilka Out to Revive Lake-Hindustan Times-

Fazilka: Schoolchildren, members of NGOs and several residents of Fazilka emptied water bottles at the Badha Lake site here on Saturday in a symbolic attempt to revive it, on the eve of the International Day of Climate Action.

The campaign was initiated by Indian Youth Climate Network, and Graduates Welfare Association.

Earlier, a procession was taken out through Fazilka, amid raising of slogans to save the environment and revive Badha Lake. They also launched a signature campaign to urge the highups to intervene.

Vikram Ahuja, a prominent businessman, said the lake was an integral part of their life but the area had gradually been illegally occupied or used as a dumping ground.

Dr Bhupinder Singh, patron of Graduates Welfare Association, Navdeep Asija and Fazilka MC chief Anil Sethi, besides other members of NGOs joined the campaign.

Badha Lake is in the list of 32 wetlands of the world and also known as `Harash Sho Lake'.

Branching out of Sutlej through Miyani Basti, Badha, Salemshah and Maujam villages to culminate at Sulemanki Head, the lake is spread in an area of 150 acre. It was the main source of potable water from 1844 to 1946.

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