Friday, August 29, 2014

20 Years of being GENCONIAN:

20 Years of being GENCONIAN: Probably 20 years back this was the time when a batch of 198 people entered into this royal institution and got the privilege to be the part of royal "Genconian" family. Those four years were as if we all lived one life together. Couple of days back I met Gurwinder (Bagga), a batch mate of mine at ISB Campus, Mohall and my instant reaction was "oye saliya tu ithe kive". My reaction towards him was pretty natural, without realizing this fact that he is Associate Director, Career Advancement Services there. Probably this is a beauty of "being genconian", which helped to keep all of us humble and together.
Entire Genconian clan was divided into five broad categories "Pendu Quota", "Day Scholar", "Delhi Wale","Bhappe" and "Group Wale" . Combination of all was popularly known as "JANTA". Amongst them minority status communities were "Day Scholar", "Delhi Wale" and "Bhappe". For girls, we had only one respectable classification system and that was "BHABHI", which somehow showed our commitment and respect towards them at that time. The minority status communities always remained on our targets because of their close association with "Bhabhi" community. "Tea" was our official drink and that too from "Jatt Tea Stall". "Land Line" phone in girl's hostel was the only technical source of romance and communication for us. Unlike today, technology never supported us and that was the reason we had only one" in house love affair" in entire batch of 198. Speaking in English was treated it as a "serious criminal offence", as if we are not in GNE but in France. Cochran boiler is still mystery to all of us and I had been informed by my seniors that top wire on high transmission electric towers is used to facilitate birds to sit…. Difficult to pen down those beautiful feelings. Thank you Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana for making us what we all are today…salute to the spirit of "being genconian". 

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