Friday, January 16, 2015

Basic Road Transport and Accident Statistics of Fazilka District

         i.            As per the available registered motor vehicle data available with State Transport Commissioner Punjab, for the year 2012-13, an estimated 19,486 motor vehicle registered in Fazilka district signifies about 54 new motor vehicle added in Fazilka district daily. Present estimate about 60-65 vehicle daily added to Fazilka district roads.

       ii.            After every fifth day one person die due to road accident in Fazilka. In Punjab daily average 14 people lose their lives due to road accidents. Average daily two people met with serious accident daily in Fazilka.

     iii.            Population wise 3.7% of the total Punjab state population lives in district Fazilka. Road fatalities wise it contribute 1 to 1.5% in the total state's accident fatalities.

     iv.            Per month average 5 to 6 people die due to road accidents in Fazilka district.

       v.            Last three year trends of road accident shows in the month of May, June, November and December more road accidents and death took place compared to other months of the year.

     vi.            Comparing health burden of traffic fatalities on per million populations (10 lakh), death rate of Fazilka district is about 69 per million populations. From risk point of view Fazilka ranked at 21 positions out of 22 districts in the year 2013 compared to 19th ranking in the year 2012. This is a good indication; however this ranking is changed in 2014 with 72 deaths till November 2014. Fazilka is below state average and considered as safest district, however even a single death is a loss.

   vii.            Fazilka district has 1787 km of road network, which includes 113km of National Highway (NH-7) and 247km of State Highways.  80-85% of the accident took place on this core network of National and State Highways.

 viii.            As per the Traffic Police Punjab, Fazilka district has 14 accident Prone areas. Details of the same are given in next section of the report. Majority of them are on National Highway and State Highway.

     ix.            In Post Crash scenario entire district has only three Primary Trauma care centre and three CHC. Nearest referral secondary trauma care centre is at Faridkot. 108 Ambulance Service is very popular and showed significant impact in Post accident care.

       x.            In the year 2014, 108 ambulance service provided relief to 528 accident cases out of which 510 were taken to nearest hospital and 18 cases basic first aid was given, Out of 528 cases 633 road accident victims ( 613 hospital + 20 with basic first aid) were provided with the relief. On an average two people in Fazilka district meet with serious accidents.

     xi.            Fazilka district has 10 Police station and 1 Police Chowki, none is equipped with proper traffic enforcement instruments like alcometers to detect drink and drive and speed guns to check over speeding.

   xii.            Fazilka district Red Cross society has 67 members who can play an import role in road safety awareness, pre hospital care in order to treat road accidents victims.

 xiii.            No local bodies Municipalities spent any money on Road Safety.

 xiv.            Average 40-45 vehicles are challaned by Traffic Police in district Fazilka daily. This is insignificant compared to state's average of 2775 challan daily with regards to vehicle and population size of the district.

   xv.            There are about 101 types of offences prescribed in motor vehicle act 1988 and rules 1989, four major types of moving violations have serious direct impact on road safety mainly 'drink and drive' and 'over speeding', District police has booked almost 0.1% percentages of vehicles under these categories. This makes overall traffic enforcement ineffective.  Required better strategy.

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