Monday, July 6, 2015

Sterilization of Dogs Vs Sterilization of Cars in Chandigarh...

Dogs Vs Cars..

The menace of stray dogs has been on the rise in Chandigarh, with nearly 500 dog bite cases being reported from the city each month, so  in order to control the population, Chandigarh Administration and Municipal Authorities have started sterilization in order to control growth. Welcoming Step as a part by working on Supply Management.....Now on the similar context of road crashes, where Car bites similar same number of people and causing death of more than 10 people every month...more alarming and serious than do a solution the same Chandigarh Administration facilitating cars with more number of Parking lots, by widening the roads, my making their approach is contradicting their own philosophy of Supply they are to facilitate growth of Cars by doing Demand solution will come by increasing the numbers of Cars of by doing the sterilization of Cars ...Looking forward your opinion ??

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