Monday, September 7, 2015

Road Safety and Lord Krishna

स एवाश्वः शवेतम अश्वं परयच्छत; स एवाश्वान अथ सर्वांश चकार 

तरिवन्धुरस तस्य रथस तरिचक्रस; तरिवृच छिराश चतुरश्व च तस्य

Lord Krishna is recognized as the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu; the one who run this universe. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna drove horse-charioteers, It has FOUR HORSES yoked to it. each horse represents our senses which needs to be controlled. So, Krishna being lord, the one who run universe was managed four horse power Chariot(Rath).

In present context, on our roads you can easily see a 16 year old guy driving minimum 45-50 horsepower car on our roads.. .......In Kalyuga, human beings are 10-15 times more powerful than god of Satyuga. Lesson is there, may be mythological...

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to All..

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