Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fazilka Heritage Fest concludes - The Tribune

Fazilka, November 25On the concluding day of Fazilka Heritage Festival, hundreds of youths pledged to ensure reduction in environment pollution. The motive was to create awareness about the detrimental affects of increasing environment pollution and risks of the phenomenon called global warming.
It was also an endeavour to promote use of bicycles to save fuel and save the environment by growing more plants. The youths also vowed to minimise the use of polythene bags.
Members of the Graduates Welfare Association, Fazilka (GWAF), the Students for Society Organisation, Fazilka, the Punjab Sabhyacharak Manch, Fazilka and the Infantry Brigade of the Indian Army jointly organised a cycle rally through the main markets in an endeavour to motivate people to ride bicycles as far as possible instead of using vehicles run on petrol or diesel.
Third and the last day of the festival was observed as “Baba Pokhar Dass Nite”. On the occasion, over 20 teams presented Punjabi folk dances, including Bhangra, Gidha and Jhumar.
The novel attraction at the programme was the auction of a replica of Fazilka’s famous clock tower.
The organisers said the amount received from the auction would be utilised for next year celebrations.
Fazilka Heritage Festival patron Dr Bhupinder Singh, secretary Navdeep Asija said considering the success of the festival in which thousands from the city and the surrounding areas had participated, it has been decided that next year, the festival would be celebrated for one week.
The festival had concluded around midnight

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