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Fazilka Heritage Festival 2009-Invitation

Fazilka Heritage Festival 2009

Annual Art, Food and Cultural Festival of Fazilka Region

Venue: Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Park, Fazilka (Pratap Bagh)

Theme: Organic Food and Global Warming

Country’s first of its kind unique festival with scientific theme

India’s smallest big town, inviting people across the country and continent to come and discover the rich heritage and culture of Fazilka.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the dates for Fazilka’s third annual, food, art and cultural festival “FAZILKA HERITAGE FESTIVAL -2009” from 09nd to 12th April 2009. Started in the year 2006 under the aegis of the Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka®, the Fazilka Heritage Festival is an annual feature ornamenting the fair face of the city of Fazilka. Fazilka Heritage Festival is an offering sublime not just for the music and art lovers of Fazilka but also for those of the entire state of Punjab and region put together. Conceived and planned as a cultural event showcasing the various aspects of art, music and food culture of the erstwhile Fazilka with a view to injecting a fresh lease of life into them, the Festival is literally an art and cultural extravaganza. Fazilka Heritage Festival 2009 brings out this very spirit alive in the shape of a mega cultural fest where cultures unite, wits battle, ideas and imaginations evolve creating a joint and everlasting euphemism. The cultural facet of the event provides a podium for creative and imaginative display of teams, talent, ideas and thoughts. The season is all set and the mood is like never before. Fazilka Heritage Festival 2009 promises to be a much bigger, broader and better affair that will go down the memories as a sophisticated as well as enjoyable event - the basic essence of this festival. The main aim of this heritage festival is to promote Fazilka’s rich culture and heritage worldwide. This event will not only promote the vibrancy of Fazilka’s culture and Punjabiat in the border region of Punjab but also will help to establish Fazilka as a Brand city. This branding will directly or indirectly support the local handicraft, workers, sweet makers and this will generate employment opportunity through tourism in the region for many.

Teams meet from corners of the country, and we have confluence of ideas. The vision of Fazilka Heritage Festival continues to be. The targets that we set out last year, in Mehak Sarhad Di, we managed to achieve, and our goals are set higher now.

The main highlights of this mega event shall be;

1. VIBRANT FAZILKA- a night dedicates to display the vibrancy and cheerful nature of royal Fazilites.

2. HAMARE PREHRI- In collaboration with Indian Armed Forces. A night dedicate to Indian Armed forces, defenders of Fazilka.

3. WOMEN OF FAZILKA – A Night dedicate to honour and celebrate the females of Fazilka region, who made city proud, fashion show, achievers and many more....

4. YOUTH FAZILKA – A night dedicate to youth of the city.

5. ROCK YOU - Live DJ performances and live shows in front of Fazilka’s historic building Clock Tower. Live rock band performances…


6. FOOD ZONE: a dedicated zone will demonstrate the famous Fazilka recipe and Street Food made by known chefs of the area, just to retune your taste buds. The main idea behind Food Zone is to promote organic food. Many activists and volunteer organizations working in this field are likely to participate in the same

7. PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE FRIENDLY CITY – This will not just improve the health of participants through walking but here you can also taste the delicious food of Malwa region of Punjab around clock tower. Use of Plastic shall be banned during the festival and practice may be followed by the alert citizen after the festival.

8. GARDEN FESTIVAL: during Day time, people will be able to enjoy the beauty of our historical Partap Bagh at festival location. Entire Park will be decorated with seasonal flowers. Nature lovers would love this initiative. Many competitive events like flower decoration, rangoli, best landscape design will be followed at the venue


1. ART and CRAFT ZONE- Artist’s corner –, where on the both sides of the roads, local artist will display their products related to handicrafts and traditional fine arts.

2. BANGLA THEATRE – Nukkar Theatre event dedicated to street and stag plays by various participants groups across the country.

3. LIBAAS- A fashion event based upon the theme Fazilka revisited.

4. RENDEZVOUS WITH FAZILKA – An exhibition portraying transition of Fazilka in Post Independence era and many others fine and performing art events.

5. KALAM SE: an event dedicated to honor the renowned writer/poet of Fazilka region. Know face to face interaction with Satish”Bedag”, Baldev Singh “Azad” and Laxman “Dost”


2006-2007: Theme: Cycle and Pedestrian Friendly City

This event has already added success stories in its last two year celebration in row. In year 2006, pedestrianisation in Fazilka through festival was appreciated by Transport Department, University of Vienna, Austria. During festival time, special emphasis was given to keep the city as pedestrian and cycle friendly. Experiment of “Car Free Zone” through this festival has already made us on country’s map being first Indian car free city. Leading environment magazine of the country “DOWN to EARTH” highlighted the same success story in special 400th edition of their Magazine (

2007-2008: Theme: Energy and Ecology

This year use of plastic was banned in the festival arena and special discount stalls were established by the CFL suppliers to mark city as first CFL city in the country. A cycle rally for senior citizen and with Indian Army was organized during the festival time. The aim behind all these activities was to promote best energy saving practices through in the daily lifestyle of Fazilites.

This year we are expecting nearby 1 lack visitor in this festival. Our Fazilka Heritage Festival is already recorded as world’s most eco friendly festival. In continuation to that, this year festival theme has been chosen as “Promotion of Organic Food and suppressing the effect of Global Warming”.

Media coverage about our last year events are available at our website Videos can be checked at (keyword search: Fazilka heritage festival).

So tighten up your belt to fly with us on a journey called Fazilka Heritage Festival.


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Team Fazilka Heritage Festival

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