Friday, November 11, 2011

Saviours of Fazilka - 67th Infantry Brigade of Indian Army

The rising waters of Satluj river in the areas around Fazilka reached an alarming level in August this year. Following the release of more than 70,0000 cusecs of water daily during the period from 24 August 2011 till 01 September 2011, the river was in spates. As per official sources another cause of concern was the over flowing 'Buddha Nala' in Pakistan where too the water levels had risen sharply. The agro based economy of Fazilka was likely to be shattered as a result of extensive damage to the standing crops of basmati variety of rice in over 15,000 acres of land following the floods. On 26 August 2011 DC Fazilka requisitioned Fazilka Bde ' 67 Inf Bde' for a column of Indian Army to assist civil administration in providing flood relief in Fazilka Sector. A column of 18 Garhwal Rifles (Dras) comprising of two officers, five JCOs and 70 OR and a team of 58 Engineer Regiment was immediately launched for assistance. The Flood Relief team carried out initial recce of the site along with the civil administration personnel, the Deputy Commissioner Fazilka and team of NDRF team. Due to the timely and relentless efforts put in by soldiers of the Indian army in strengthening various anti flood bunds, a major mishap was averted. However at around 1515hrs due to the heavy volume of water discharge, approximately 15 metres of breach occurred in a private bund constructed by the villagers near Drona Sikandri which resulted in inundation of about 15,000 acres of cultivated land in the border areas. At around 1830 hrs on the request of SDM Fazilka a rescue operation was launched by the troops of Indian army to save five adults and three children isolated in Drona Sikandri. With immediate action and meticulous planning the marooned villagers were successfully evacuated to safety. Indian Army personnel along with irrigation department and civil administration worked relentlessly round the clock in strengthening the anti flood bund which was getting eroded at various places due to the heavy water discharge from head works. During the flood relief operations in Fazilka a total of 50 marooned villagers were evacuated to safety and about 40,000 acres of cultivated land of villagers was saved. 'Saviours of Fazilka Brigade' once again proved their mettle in aid to civil authorities.

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