Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chandigarh set to get Metro

Chandigarh administration has decided to go ahead with the multi crore Metro Rail project for improving the public transportation system of the city.

Chandigarh administration is facing criticism for not having an effective public transport policy and the city administration is looking to rectify it. However, there are doubts about the success of it as recent attempts of improving the transportation were failures.

Chandigarh administration was deliberate to start this project because of increasing private vehicles in the city. As people are using more personal vehicles for commuting chaos in the city, reduction parking space at markets and in residential areas are quite common.

DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has submitted the detailed project report to the city administration and is likely to start the work at the earliest. DMRC also build a successful metro web in the national capital and is currently expanding the network.

However, not everyone is convinced about the success of Chandigarh administration's ambitious project. Navdeep Asija, a prominent environmentalist is not convinced about metro rail and feels that buses are still more suitable as public transport and the authorities should be putting its efforts on it.

Navdeep Asija said that the administration should rethink about the public transportation system and redesign it into a three tier system. First tier, cycle rickshaws for taking people to transport, second tier buses for commuting and third tier, auto rickshaws for those who don't want to use buses.

Buses services are prerequisite for the state and needed to be improved in the city as even the metro will not able to go everywhere in the city. Chandigarh's record in bus service is also not good as earlier launched air-conditioned free bus service to the high court for the lawyers was a failure.

Chandigarh administration has urged the residents to change their mind set toward the metro rail which may commence in the coming years.

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