Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Term "Act of God" or "Natural Disaster"

This term "Act of God" used by Insurance companies or Authorities needs to be looked upon. In 2001 during Bhuj, Gujrat earthquake in India, more than 20,000 people died and its magnitude at Richter scale was 7.6, now almost at the same time, there was an earthquake in El Salvador (Latin America) with richer scale intensity 7.7 and in that 852 people died, further the one in California with same intensity and in the year 2001 only caused death of about 50 people. So, if I go by the definition of insurance companies by saying these incidents as "Act of God" or "Natural Disaster" , statistically it is proved that God love Latin American people 25 to 100 times more than we Indians. Important here to understand  is that there is nothing called 'Act of God" and everything is man made. With the Development of Science, we understand the behavior of nature very well, but we are not prepared enough to handle that and for that reason we end up blaming god for it. The way we safeguard our houses from Rain, also can be protected for earthquake or tsunamis but dear human beings stop blaming god and act fast. Thanks to the movie "OMG" for starting this though proving debate

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