Saturday, October 3, 2015

‪#‎HaryanaDairies‬ - Statue of Martyrs in each village of Haryana

Yesterday, we completed the survey of three southern district of Haryana Bhiwani, Rewari and MahendraGarh. Amazing people, full of life, humor, great hospitality. Something, which makes them unique from rest of the country is that, each village welcomes you with statues of Martyrs. Erected almost in every village across the southern haryana in the memory of soldiers, who have sacrificed their lives for the defence and security of the Nation. Each panchayat/town proudly put statute of martyrs from their village, so that young generation could get inspiration from their spirit of patriotism and sacrifice shown for the country.
Few villages have minimum one person in Fauj from each family. They take prides on decades-old tradition of sending their kids to armed forces. There is famous saying in few villages when a kid is born, they greet each other with "चाचा बधाई हो, Second Lieutenant पैदा हुआ हैं ".

Yesterday, I was in small town Kanina of MahenderGarh district, having population about 11000 persons. This small town has more than 10 such parks dedicated to all soldiers who sacrificed their lives for nation and belongs to Kanina. Seems Indian Army is incomplete without Jats. Amazing Spirit of Haryana,their love for country and salute to this Marshall Clan.....JatLand Rocks - "जाट बलवान, जय भगवान"

Thankyou Punjab and Haryana High Court for giving me this opportunity to travel across Haryana to experience this part of India

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