Friday, January 26, 2018

Fazilka district launches mission Sanjhedari with Indian Army for training youths

FAZILKA: Coinciding with the 69th Republic Day, Fazilka district administration launched the mission Sanjhedari(collaboration) with the Indian Army to provide training to youths. The first batch of 55 youth started their training under the mission on Thursday. Deputy Commissioner Isha Kalia said that "Mission Sanjhedari has been launched to motivate the youth to join the military. Fazilka being a border district the presence of Army in the area has a deep impression on the youth of the area. The youths are well aspired to join the Army but it was observed that youngsters did not know how to proceed with its preparation to join Army". The Mission Sanjhedari will shape the dreams of the youth of this border district, she added.

Deputy Commissioner said that in a first step we will find out the youths who want to join Army. Shortlisted candidates would undergo a preliminary fitness test conducted under the supervision of officers of CPYT Ferozpur. The selected candidates would be given one-month training for recruitment in collaboration of Army.

She appealed to the youth of the district to have maximum recruitment in the Indian army so that they can contribute in the service and security of the country.

Brigadier in Indian Army Gaurav Sharma said Indian Army is a mission. One can serve his country by joining this prestigious force of the world. He said there is no shortcut in life and one can achieve his goal only with hard work. The army would provide its full support to the project of district administration.

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