Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cyber Abadi- a project to promote internet usage in sub-urban localities of border town Fazilka

  •  Country's first Open Source Cyber Café in Sub Urban Locality of Fazilka
  • Citizens to donate their used/old mouse, keyboard, CPU, cabinet, monitor UPS or desk
 In continuation with their mission, Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka is going to set up country's first of its kind 'Open Source Cyber Café" in the sub urban locality of Fazilka at Nai Abadi. The aim behind this project is to promote internet usage in the sub-urban localities of Fazilka city and make it accessible to each segment of society without financial barriers. At present 15% of the Fazilka urban population is net-connected but the internet penetration and usage is very less in the sub-urban areas of Fazilka due many reasons like socio-economic profile of the residents and non-availability of cyber café within area of their reach followed by internet literacy and users.
GWAF working in Fazilka for the past 5 years for a cause of Education, Employment, Environment and Energy have decided to takeup this task. Under this project initially one internet centre within the premises of Dost Model Middle School shall be established. This is the most accessible and central location near Gurudwara which will cater the need of FOUR colonies of Fazilka (Dhingra Coloney, Basti Chandora, Teachers Coloney and Nai Abadi). Due to its location in "Nai Abadi" area, this centre has been named "Cyber Abadi".
Girl students, housewives and senior citizens shall be provided free internet training at this centre. Free computer courses and other relevant IT awareness campaigns shall also be organized through "Cyber Abadi" Centre. "Depending upon the citizen's response, more centers shall be established in the various sub urban localities of Fazilka", said Dr Rajneesh Kamra, Incharge, Project Education, GWAF.
This will be first of its kind internet café in the country, where open source and freeware softwares shall be used to encourage the use of open source software and also to discourage the piracy. This Centre has been established with technical inputs from SVIMTECH, PULPRIX and Fazilka Cyber Buzz. Separate awareness campaigns and requests shall be made to the citizens for donating their old keyboard, mouse, cabinet, mother board, CPU, UPS or monitors which are outdated and not of any use for the cyber centers. After the minor up gradation or repair these unit shall be installed at various sub-urban localities of Fazilka. "This would be an alternative to better e-waste management" said Gautam Choudhary, Incharge IT Wing, GWAF.
The centre shall be inaugurated on 3rd April during 4th Annual Fazilka Heritage Festival 2010.

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