Friday, March 5, 2010

Fazilka Cycling Club-Let's Cycle for better tomorrow - A GWAF Initiative

Fazilka Cycling Club, A GWAF Initiative

फाजिल्का साइकिल क्लब 

Fazilka residents have already showed their concern and care for the environment through various mechanisms of their daily lifestyle. To take one step further, we are launching our "Fazilka Cycling Club", a GWAF Initiative. So next time, whenever you visit Fazilka; during your weekends FCC will take you for a long memorable cycle joy ride.... Cycling is one of the efficient, fast and non-polluting modes of transport and in Fazilka, cycling is part of our culture not a just a cause. Our many sweet childhood memories are associated with cycling….so, its time to celebrate cycling. Soon, we will announce the date of our first Cycling Picnic....gearup for our next ride...You are requested to Register for the same.

Dedicating one song of Punjabi Legend Gurdass Mann on Cycling to our Fazilka Cycling Club

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