Friday, June 4, 2010

Tap It -Save Water Save Fazilka - World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day this year, we Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka (GWAF) are going to fix up all the open water-supply connections with PVC Taps. Household survey conducted by the students of Environment Club, Dost Model School in the three suburban localities namely Fazilka mainly Nai Abadi, Teacher Coloney and Dhingra Coloney, detected 63 such open connections. Such open connections are not just reducing discharge pressure but also wasting almost 70% of the fresh water. Low household income in these sub urban localities is the another reason as why after damage such connection remain damaged or open.

Reduction in discharge pressure made difficult to store this water and encourage few individual to install Tullu Pumps in the main pipeline. Further loss of energy and reduce the water supply to the few household falling on same main pipeline. Overall loss of Energy and Water

 Tomorrow team GWAF is going to install PVC taps (low cost, durable and theft proof) on these open connections. On an average Municipality supply monthly about 7000 litre of fresh water per connection, out of which 70% goes wasted as surface runoff. With our small initiative we are estimating to save about 3 lakh litre of fresh water monthly. Talking about this project Mr Rishab Khanna, Funding Director of Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) said, "each individual can takeup such small initiatives in their neighborhood and we need to save this precious water for our next generations may be in the form of small contribution". He also proposed to promote this initiative on pan India basis through IYCN network
Scenario is the same in other sub urban localities of Fazilka, line Anni Dilli, Nand Lal Coloney, jattian & jhivar Mohalla. GWAF also urge the individual and other social organisations of Fazilka to takeup this call. "Repair of each open connection would not cost more than the cost 1 mineral water cane, but there is a huge saving of water associated with it", said Mrs Meenu Kamra, brainchild behind this initiative. "Due to our negligence and greedy deeds of few, we have already lost our main water sources like Badha lake wetland and ground water table is already depleting. This is a need of hour and if we will not act now, time is not far away when again Fazilka would be the part of Thar Desert", said Dr Bhupinder Singh, Patron GWAF and retired professor, IIT Roorkee. Act Now and Save Water.

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