Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fazilka Online Store - Fazilka Jutti, tees, books and lot more...

Love Fazilka Online Store

Looking for Fazilka Merchandise?

If you can't make it to the lovely city Fazilka, now you can order Fazilka merchandise online and have it shipped to you. To fulfill all your shopping needs- Fazilka apparel, books, tilla Jutti (Handmade embroidered leather shoe), Music Albums and many more - right on the virtual Love Fazilka Online Store.

Best selection of officially endorsed products under Brand Umbrella of "The Republic of Life".

Grab the Love Fazilka Collection NOW!
Our Offline Sale Points within Fazilka:

Cyber Buzz Internet Cafe
Behind Valmiki Mandir
(On the Ram Mandir to Gandhi Chowk road)
Tel : 01638-500036

Kitchen Plaza
Bajaji Bazar, Near Ghanta Ghar
Tel : 9417424749

Wear what you are proud of - Fazilka Tees :: Republic of Life

Officially endoresed by GWAF in technical collaboration with Pulprix.

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