Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fazilka Ecocabs : Punjab focuses on alternative energy at Delhi trade fair

Jangveer Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 26
Punjab has showcased its leadership role in alternative energy sources at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Delhi and used solar and hydel energy facades at its pavilion besides even displaying a funky 'green' rickshaw to present a completely different look from the 'saag and makki ki roti' days.

A collage in the façade of the Punjab pavilion depicts how solar and hydro energy are transformed into electricity along with a miniature replica of the Bhakra Nanga dam, India's first hydro electricity generation project.

The exterior also has a visual representation depicting use of solar panels for generating solar energy in remote villages besides a unique innovation - a panel showing water being drawn from a well using a solar powered motor.

Green Cabs, an initiative of the Graduates Association of Fazilka, which has started a 'dial a rickshaw' service in the town, was also showcased with a rickshaw model. The rickshaw is much lighter than the traditional one and has more luggage space besides a safety belt for the commuter as well as a FM radio.

The pavilion inside has an array of products ranging from solar tunnel lighting to solar generated household lams. Resource efficient bricks as well as initiatives of the Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana including use of bio agents to obtain high quality produce free from pesticides residues have also been showcased.

Industries and Commerce minister Manorajan Kalia, who went around the pavilion yesterday evening, said the State continued to make progress on the industrial front despite the fact that special packages given to neighbouring States had slowed down the pace of industrialization. Presiding over the function, which also celebrated Punjab Day, Kalia honoured Puducherry Lt Governor Iqbal Singh on the occasion.

State Public Relations Director D S Mangat said students of NIFT showcased their projects while there was brisk sale of handicrafts at the 'bazar' housed in the pavilion with innovations in 'phulkari' embroidery catching everyone's attention. Master craftsmen in various art forms also showed off their wares.

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