Monday, August 19, 2013

Independence vs. Dollar and “We the Indian”

Today, we all are worried about Price of Dollar vs. Rupees, but as a matter of fact, we are indirectly or directly responsible for it. Do you think, it's the American Economy which is booming, No, but our economy which is going down. Let me explain it here, just have a look at the Fortune 500 list of 2013, out of Top 10, 8 companies are either Oil or Car Manufacturer. This is as per their "New World Order" Plan. We all know, oil transactions are in dollars. In the recent past, our imports have increased up to 140% and our export are limited to just 30-40%. Major part of the import is oil and cars other energy needs. This is how some of the fancy economist fucked up to the name of "Globalization". Now, every Indian actually can contribute to set it right.  How?
Second Graph indicating that how cycling and walking trips have gone down, against the car occupant trips from the year 1998 to 2005 (Ian Roberts, 2011). Our policy makers, planners, engineers are actually working day and night to boost or support car centric development by making policies/infrastructure in order to support only motor transport. Our cities are expanding, we are forced to travel more and we call it as "Improved Mobility". They have totally changed our cities design from "Human Scale" to "Car Scale". As a result, our dependency on car and oil has increased in the recent Past like anything. The illusions, which we call it as development, 'globalization' or any other fancy name, is actually meant to kill us as well our country.  Valuation of our Rupees is in terms of gold but US currency is just a white paper. They can print as many as anyone needs to Purchase Oil, because long back they had an agreement with Gulf to sell petrol in Dollars only. You can do Google on "Derivative Trading" to understand it in a better way. So, I request my fellow Indians for the better financial health of our country and sustainability of this planet, Undo this "New World Order"; reduce our daily car usage/oil , use it wisely, start living in a neighborhood which provides you better access to Public Transport or not in a area, where  cars are parked on the footpaths. 
Let's Walk and Cycle…

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