Tuesday, June 16, 2009

University on Energy and Ecology- Fazilka Value Education Center

Dear Alert Citizens and Community Members,

We are in the process of setting up our own university in Fazilka region, University on Energy and Ecology. Process is on. We along with few retired senior faculty members mainly from IIT's and other institutes who hails from Fazilka along with some young members are going to makeup this cause. This is esential for the overall upliftment of our politically ignored region. This will take some more time to launch. Immediately for the betterment of our Malwa Region , we have started Fazilka Value Education Center.

The aim behind Fazilka Value Education Center is to help students to decide which is best for their career, entrepreneurship skills through Guidance and Counseling, and includes Extension lecture series to improve their overall exposure level to meet up challenges of future by keeping their moral level high.

The core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed. Value education is always essential to shape one's life and to give him an opportunity of performing himself on the global stage. The need for value education among the students and teachers, is constantly increasing as we continue to witness increasing violent activities, behavioral disorder, lack of unity in the society etc.

With this project, we dream to come up with Alert Fazilka Youth with high IQ, education, health, quality skills and basic human qualities of honest attitudes and hard working nature

If few members from this community would like to contribute in the form of books or as guest lecture please feel free to Register on our websites.

www.lovefazilka.esmartweb.com and www.fazilkaonline.com

Our Aim : to promote Fazilka as "Fazilka Knowledge City"

For any further inquiries, please feel free to revert back to contact us. First Lecture by Dr Bhupinder Singh,Urja Purash Uttrakhand, Retired Professor from IIT Roorkee is attached with this email

Jai Hind

Navdeep Asija

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