Sunday, May 15, 2011

Latest Petrol Price Rise

Good move by the government, as giving subsidised Petrol to make luxury affordable to the handful motor vehicle owner is not a very democratic step. Subsidy amount which is coming from taxpayer's money should not be exclusively given to facilitate motor transport, especially petrol driven. about 1% of the country's population own petrol driven vehicles and last year subsidy paid to oil companies was Rs 40120 crores- which is almost 8% of the total indirect tax collected Rs. 315000 crores-. With this subsidy amount almost 1 lakh schools per year in the country can be made world class and many other projects. Further the loss of our foreign exchange, making dollar more powerful. Thanks to the heterogeneous character of road transport in India, which enable most of our activities and its dependency on non-motorized transport, which further helping our country to remain "War-FREE". In US the car density per 1000 population is 880 compared with India as just 12, their highly dependability on motor transport force them to fight with one oil rich country every year almost :-). Those who like luxury should be ready to pay for it also. With this price rise, a good Public transport system in place can be considered as good move by the government instead of roll backing the price rise. Good step for environment protection, good for road safety and deterrent for individual transport.
Yeah, for a diesel price rise we need to have good holistic policy.

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