Sunday, August 21, 2011

Water from Hussainiwala inundates Fazilka villages

Water released from Hussainiwala headworks has flooded around 1800 acres of cultivated land in 10 Fazilka villages. The affected villages include Muhar Jamsher, Muhar Sona, Kawanwali. Bhawani Mansa among others. Apart from the agriculture land, up to 3 feet of water entered Muhar Jamsher village on Saturday morning. With Pakistan on three sides and cut off from the mainland by the Sutlej after a temporary bridge was demolished by the Army because of rise in water level, the residents of the village have been provided a boat by the Fazilka administration to salvage their valuables. The village residents, however, have not vacated their homes despite the district administration giving them the option to do so.

Confirming the flooding in 1800 acres of land, Fazilka District Commissioner Basant Garg said: "So far there is no loss of life. Once the water recedes, we will be able to judge the actual loss of crops."

The Army has also stepped in to help the villagers. Though the water has receded, it is expected to rise by 6,000 cusecs again tomorrow, so there has been increased vigil in the affected areas, added Basant Garg.

In Ferozepur district, the District Commissioner S Karuna Raju has sought funds worth Rs 80 lakh from the state government to strengthen dhussi bundh sites to prevent villages along the river bed from being flooded if water levels rise.

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