Sunday, July 17, 2011

US scholar urges people to use eco-friendly means of transport

Fazilka, July 16
"The government and the people of the country should come forward to promote the use of non-automotive traditional eco-friendly means of transportation in Asian countries to prevent environment and fight against global warming."

"A country like America has committed the blunder of damaging the environment by excessive motorisation. There are over 700 cars against 1000 population in the US creating environmental imbalance," said Albert Ching, a scholar from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (USA) during his visit to the border town today to study the unique dial-a-rickshaw (Ecocab) transport system in Fazilka. The eco-cab was introduced in June 2008.

Albert ML Ching is conducting research on traditional means of transportation in Asia and was here at the initiative of the Graduate Welfare Association, Fazilka (GWAF).

"To attach the modern system with a traditional system like dial-a-rickshaw initiated by the GWAF in Fazilka has prompted me to visit the town to study the system on the spot," said Ching, who is also a Research Assistant, Future of Urban Mobility, Government of Singapore.

The MIT scholar lauded the latest designing of the eco-cab displayed by the GWAF at the Research and Development Centre here set up by its patron Dr Bhupinder Singh, retired professor, IIT, Roorkee.

GWAF patron Dr Bhupinder Singh and general secretary Navdeep Asija said the GWAF effort to promote technical non-motorisation system is to check global warming.

Dr Singh disclosed that the weight of new eco-cab machine has been reduced from 100 kg to 75 kg. "We have improved by installing shock absorbers under the seat and selecting the size of traction wheels. We are now going for tubeless and airless tyres."

Ching and members of the GWAF also distributed two pair of school dresses, Rs 600 per student to three daughters of rickshaw pullers of Fazilka, sponsored by Fazilka-based NRI Vikram Kamra.

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Rajbir Bhatti said...

Dear Navdeep jee,
Many congatulations for such a wonderful idea . Since I have had the honor to know Dr Bhupinder Singh jee while being at IIT Roorkee , I feel linked to your project. How can we contrbute to spread the dea in other cities, please do tell us.
Best Regards
Dr Rajbir Singh Bhatti
(PhD IIT Roorkee)