Monday, July 5, 2010

With 7 students in IIT, Fazilka lives up to its name

Chander Parkash
Tribune News Service

Fazilka, July 4
Known for Asia's biggest wool market in pre-partition days and Fazilka jutti (footwear) and its five Padma awardees in the post-partition days, this border town has also made a mark in the field of education.

Seven students of this one of the oldest towns of the country have been selected for different courses in different colleges being run under the aegis of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) this year.

"Producing seven candidates for various courses being run by the IITs from this border town, having a a population of about 70,000 is a rare achievement," claimed a section of residents while talking to the TNS. The residents also demanded that the town must be equipped with all the facilities by the state government after taking its potential into consideration as four students made it to various IIT last year also, they added.

Information gathered by the TNS revealed that those students, who were likely to get admissions in various IITs as per their all India ranking included Sumay Gupta, Karan Singh, Rajan Verma, Agam Kalra, Kuldeep Uttam and Gaurav Gulbadhear. One local girl, who did not wish to be named, had been selected for a doctorate course in the IIT.

Information revealed that most of the students, who had made it to the prestigious institutions this year, did not take special coaching from the coaching centres being run in different parts of the country as they preferred to prepare in their hometown only.

Information revealed that about five students of this town are likely to get admission in the MBBS in different medical colleges of Punjab as they had cleared the PMET test conducted by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS) this year. One other student had cleared all-India medical entrance test.

"Persian meaning of "Fazil" is "learned person" and Fazilka is a town of learned people. Young ones, who hail from Fazilka, are trying their level best to maintain the sanctity of the meaning of name of their town," said Bhupinder Singh, patron, Graduate Welfare Association Fazilka (GWAF). Fazilka, which can boast of having witnessed a revolution in the field of education in 1904 when the first primary school, namely, Arya Kanya Putri Pathshala, was set up here at the time when education for girls was looked down upon, got its first degree college in 1940 and it was set up in the memory of a philanthropist Munshi Ram by his kin.

Though the town faced perpetual neglect by the successive governments of Punjab, its residents kept making a mark in various field by braving all odds and the town managed to earn a niche for itself at the national level in various spheres. "Though the GWAF has not played any role in the achievement made by the students of Fazilka this year in academic fields, we are planning to do something, which can help in producing more doctors, engineers, army personnel and scientist,"said Navdeep Asija, secretary (administration), GWAF.

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