Thursday, March 15, 2012

NGO Social Welfare Society Ferozepur, motivating masses for eye donation

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 17:30
By Harish K Monga

FEROZEPUR: It is beautiful to see the nature's beauty. There is a ray of hope for those who lost their eyes-sight but can see the world with the help of eye transplantation. More-over, the transplanting of eyes to light to the blind persons is a miracle in the medical science. This movement needs to be popularized and followed by more families so that blindness could be reduced and organs after death could be useful for the human beings itself. 
In the context, the Social Welfare Society an active NGO is doing a yeoman's service by motivating the families for donation of eyes of their wards after death as per the "Will" signed by the person before death. In a small border town, newly formed district Fazilka, Jagdish Bhateja resident of Monga Street, has become the 150th eye donor.
SWS executive members, Raj Kishore Kalra and Siren Lal Kataria informed that Gaurav Bhateja, came in contact with Amrit Lal Karir and Kamal Kishore Yadav of SWS and showed his consent with the willingness of his family members, to donate eyes of his father, with the motivation of Ajay Galhotra and Dr. Manohar Lal Sukhija. 

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